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Inspiring Friday Series

Good evening to you my friends and family…

I do hope you are enjoying God this season? My prayer for you is that while many are selling their properties, you shall be buying from them and while many are complaining for one good thing or the other, you shall be assisting them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Please join @pastoneyo tomorrow Friday 26/5/17 in the afternoon between 3 – 4pm ( NG ) live on Facebook and Instagram as I shall be starting a “Real Estate Series” but I’m starting with the Topic : “BUYING PROPERTIES WHERE THE WEALTHY LIKE TO PLAY WITH A LITTLE AMOUNT”…I shall go very deep using the Nigerian market as a case study.

Please join me…

I love you all!

Adeyemi Adeniyi – FIMC FMC |FCPFC FFC
#No.1 Bishop of Real Estate in Africa

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